About RPM India

Roaring Power Machines or RPM India is a pan India Biker Group that was co-founded by like-minded bike enthusiasts with an inclinaon towards responsible riding with a cause. In the spirit of patriosm, RPM gave a rev salute to BSF and created history by becoming the first ever superbiker community in India to get access to Atari-Wagah Border. RPM is governed by the core philosophy of 3Rs – Respect, Responsibility & Ride.


Bikers Group in India

Digital Growth

The group, in a very short span has garnered aenon from the biking community across the naon. The group's social media reach is expanding mulfold and currently has approx.:

  • 20,500 + Facebook followers
  • 8,000 + Instagram followers
  • The engagement rates on the social handles of the group are exceponal with highly engaged audience due to the 'unique posioning' of the group and the content that the community generates.
  • We Respect Diversity

    With great respect for gender diversity, RPM also welcomes women riders and pillions to be a part of their ride. Anyone with a passion and enthusiasm for bikes irrespecve of their gender, Sexual orientation, colour, religious beliefs, or caste is welcome to join the group.


    The Turtle Ride Haryana
    The Turtle Ride Delhi
    BSF Bikers Salute