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Recently, we met a group of passionate women bikers coming from different walks of life. We wanted to know about their journey's and they did not disappoint us. The conversation started and in the initial 2 minutes a 'pain' got evident, which we couldn't disregard.

What was that?

Was it their journey of being a biker fighting with all the odds of our 'society' including mindset, family, society & above all 'Ladkiyan bike nai chalaati',

No, it wasn't that!

It was something very 'basic' and an undisputed truth of our lives. They told us about an issue, which immediately reminded us of the rest of 48.5% of women population in our country and their situations.


Women being 'stared'. Yes, you read it right!

Outside house, on road, in office, in cab or car, on & off the bike, walking, running or simply sitting, people stare 'WOMEN'. Are they meant for it? No, ofcourse not!

Then why?

Mindset, values of Indian men blah blah blah. No, we did not want to get into it. Because, we can't do much about it. So, whats next? Commando or marshalls for women? Naah, impractical thought?

Ummm….. how about empowering women?

But whats new? So many people & organisation talk about it? What extra can we do?

A 'stupid' thought came in our mind. Lets start 'Objecting'.

Woahhh? Object Indian men? Get into scuffle, fights etc. etc.? This is why we called it 'stupid'!

But. But. But...

There are ways of objecting. So, this gave us an idea. How do women object a man staring at them?

The answer was, a sticker!

Yes, a sticker. A 2x2 inch piece of paper to empower women. A sticker that 'objects', which communicates that the woman has noticed you staring at her and its time to stop doing that. A sticker saying '#GhoornaBandKar'

What it is all about?

#GhoornaBandKar is an initiative of RPM India to empower women across the country. The stickers can be used by women on their helmets, mobile phones, car windows, bags or wallets. Whenever they find anyone staring at them, all they need is to flash the sticker.

We intend not to offend but to 'object' on a stupid practice known as 'staring'!

How can you get it?

Simply say Hi to us at our social handles.

So, lets do our bit and see what change it brings!


Like it or not, do let us know at rpmindiachapter@gmail.com!

More about RPM India - www.therpmindia.com


#GhoornaBandKar sticker are also available at